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General Introduction
·Gulang County’s generalization, economic and agricultural actuality and etc.Detailed contents
·Gulang County’s educational actuality Detailed contents



Cong Feng's words:
Who is looking up to the blue sky day and night……
    In middle July, peasants begin to put down the work on their own fields in scores and go to Wuwei to harvest. There it is hot and the crops ripe one month ahead of time. Of course, they are not to harvest for themselves. Their own fields already have little hope. By the end of a year, it is not enough even for grain ration. They have to buy more grain for eating. But going to harvest for several days, they can only earn 10 odd yuan per day. Removing come-and-go traveling expenses, how much is the income?
    One afternoon not long before, I together with my students went out. Under the setting sun, the field near Dananchong turned out quite beautiful. The rape flowers shined in the sunshine. I couldn't help saying, “On the field of hope……”,when a boy continued by saying, “We already have no hope……”I knew what he meant.

Detailed contents

If you believe, hope is in your hearts, everyone of you
Can become a seed of hope;
Everyone yearns for growing up to fly.

Detailed contents

Peng Haina's words
    In Gansu,your head won't occur to the word “earth”. The mountains are mother that nurtures all. From the time that I first saw Loess Plateau on the train, I started to watch these unadorned mountains. They are so alike, so negligible, that you have difficulty saying to yourself that I am seeing a picture. As I arrived at the school, the mountains are in front, its leanness and dryness presented nakedly in front of you which makes you hard to look directly.

Detailed contents

■ 童玮亮的文字:


Students' words:

I have an idea
An Injured Lanneret

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