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黄羊川图书室的最新照片 2003年01月23日
   照片1  照片2  照片3  照片4  照片5

黄羊川图书室的最新照片 2002年12月30日
   照片1  照片2  照片3(当地雪景)

黄羊川图书室的建立和运行情况 2002年8月6日

About advice on donating books to Huangyangchuan, Gulang

Evolvement of establishing a library


Please send books to:Huangyangchuan Vocational Middle School, Gulang County,Gansu province   Receiver:Liu Dongrao 733108

In addition,the sender, please make sure to write your address where you send books and contact manner, so as to contact you and make records

The friend who sends books, please at the same time, email your name, contact manner and book inventory to :needahand@needahand.org

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