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    Countrywomen have inherited handicrafts handed down among local folk. They all generally master the craft of making some little folk handicrafts. Almost in every house there are pouches, pinpricks, embroidered balls that are made by them, with rich varieties. Some more practical things, such as cloth shoes, insoles and mantas, are also made in large quantity. They are not only simple and unadorned, but also flowery and colorful. More artistic handicrafts like pinpricks are finely made with strong decoration function, all of which are made by hand. Because every local family has this skill, it is not unusual and has no market. Besides used in their own families, these things are often used as presents. If large labor force of local women left unused can be organized to make production in large quantity, and the ordering channel can be found, it will be an effective way to improve the life of local peasants.
    Some families also can weave handmade wool socks with wool cut down from the sheep they raise, which are strong as well as warm. If someone invests and provides the pattern and design, it is also one thing that can be tried.

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